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This research is my capstone project for IMA. We published a paper on the international conference NIME 2021. It is continued research based on the previous haptic fingering guiding research. I would want to explore more on breathing guidance.

The breathing control of the wind instrument is considered abstract and hard to master. The purpose of using the haptic method is to make breathing control concrete, and therefore, train the players’ muscle memories, building a conditioned reflex between the haptic feeling and breathing control. Furthermore, the breathing guidance is not only useful for learners of vocal training, flute, or wind instruments, but it also has a wider range of uses in the medical area. In fact, many pieces of research have been conducted in order to find methods for breathing measurements or guidance, except that they focus on visual and audio guidance more. 

View further introduction from my research paper here: A Wearable Haptic Interface for Breath Guidance in Vocal Training.

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