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This research is conducted in NYU Abu Dhabi, A.I.M Lab, under the supervision of Professor Mohamad Eid and Georgios Korres. The handwriting training system is used for giving visual and haptic guidance to the users, in order to teach them handwriting. The system includes letters or characters in below languages: English, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Chinese and Custom Shapes. The recording system is used for recording the characters or letters or shapes so that it could be used in the training system. The recording system saves the images of the letters or shapes and the x and y position of each point. 

I. Training System:

The training systems is used for giving both visual guidance and haptic guidance for the users. Firstly, I considered visual part only. So, the visual guidance should consider language and letter selection part, guidance method selection part. And after selecting the language and letter, it should first display the animation of how to write this letter in general, and then start to guide users. Using a blinking dot as the guide, the user should follow the dot, and only when the users click on the dot, the dot will get to the next position. After completing the whole leading process, the software will give evaluations to the users, based on their training performances. And then, the users are free to decide whether they want to do it again or they want to choose another letter. After designing all the visual part, I integrate the motor control part inside the code, so that the software can do both visual and haptic guidance.

II. Recording System:

The purpose of the recording system is for the teacher or the calligrapher to write the sample letter for the students to learn. There are below functions in the recording system. First, you can write freely anywhere on the screen. If you want to rewrite, there’s a refresh button on the left side, if you want to save it, there’s a download button on the left side. Second, you can choose which folder you want to save before downloading. Thirdly, you can give the character a name. The video on the left is a demonstration of recording system with the hardware device.

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