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​Equilibrium is an audio-visual interaction generative art, in order to show balance in nature.

The concept came from Chinese traditional "WuXing" (五行), which are water, fire, wood, earth, and metal. These elements have interrelation of mutual promotion and restraint. The diminishment or the proliferation of any element will cause other elements to proliferate or to diminish, therefore, the balance of the environment destroyed. 

In the project, each color represents one element, and each element has its own way to grow. Also, each element corresponds to one track of sound. The rotary knobs are used to adjust the amount of each element, showing how external force breaks the equilibrium of the environment. The volume of the sound or the combination of notes in the sound will change according to how users modify. 

The first video is a hands-on demo. The second image is the whole setup. The third image is one of the possible outcomes after modifying. The patterns will differ from person to person.

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